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Meet the girl behind the words

Dia duit!

My name is Christina. But friends have also called me Chris, Chrissy, Tina, Townie, and a whole array of other things. I grew up in Columbus, Ohio with two wonderful parents and three pretty cool older siblings. 

I first began writing in elementary school when I would scribble song lyrics and poetic verses in my top secret diary. It would take years for me to open my words up to anyone else. But my love for writing was born in my bright purple bedroom, while I navigated the waters of growing up.

Before exploring the wonders of the written word, though, I first developed a passion for creative expression through dance. I spent fifteen years of my life as a dance student and teacher. In that time, I learned not only how much dance as an art form means to me, but how important creativity in general is for our experience as humans.

I now live in Cincinnati, where I'm a creative director by day and author by night. When I'm not writing or marketing-ing, you can find me making Spotify playlists, rewatching comfort shows, hanging with my favorite people, or advocating for better mental health awareness.

My goal with this blog is to use my passion for creativity, writing, branding, and mental health (to name a few things) to bring people together, spread hope, and embrace joy. 

And why ginger you may be asking? Once upon a time, it was the color of my hair and the mixer for my signature cocktail. These days a lot has changed - like the blue and purple streaks in my hair - but my love for ginger in my tea, smoothies, or anything else has not. In whatever I do, I approach life with fiery passion and a splash of ginger. I hope you'll join me for the ride!


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