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Bloodroot: Part 1

Sometimes when we look to the past for answers, we find only ghosts. What would you do if your greatest fears came from inside the house or even worse inside your own mind?


A raw, macabre examination of mental health and the ties that bind us through poetry, prose, and the power of what's left unsaid.

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Grace's (Un)Great Society

Grace is a slightly jaded, politically active, faith-seeking Gen Z navigating the waters of growing up with her own set of personal baggage and societal unrest. She explores mental health, morality, moving forward, and making the world a better place. All from the perspective of a young, ambitious activist as she embraces what it means to become a twenty-something.

99 Letters Unsent Poetry Book

99 Letters Unsent

Or Conversations Between Me and God

A poetic exploration of first love, heartbreak, and healing. The book tells the story of rediscovering faith and finding hope in a time of pain and confusion. Through the writing of letters never sent, you are moved through five months of emotions that show healing may not be linear, but it certainly is beautiful.

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